Baton Rouge Traffic Will Just Have To Take A Back Seat With Graves' Budget Vote

The GOP Budget Garret Graves voted for is a gift to donors, lobbyists and the 1% while making life harder for the Working Class.  Instead of a Budget that puts millions to work fixing and upgrading our crumbling transportation infrastructure you'll just have to sit in traffic.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "The House budget calls for cutting mandatory funding in the transportation section of the budget by almost 90 percent in 2016, from $54 billion to $6 billion, as the chart below shows.  It then allows only a partial restoration, holding funding well below the 2015 level through the middle of the next decade.  The total ten-year cut is $154 billion (28 percent) below the cost of continuing current funding. . ." (click here to continue reading)


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. . . and to remind you of Mr. Graves' campaign rhetoric concerning Baton Rouge traffic; see below.




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