Campaign Finance Reform



Elections Should Not Be Auctions

People, not dollars, should have the strongest voice in our government. Corporations are not people and money IS NOT speech. People who cannot afford to buy elections are those most needing representation in Congress. I support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United because corporations are not people. Voter's voices should speak louder than corporate campaign contributions. Meaningful campaign finance reform legislation is needed.

We need sensible campaign finance reform to protect voter's rights to participate in the national conversation. We also need to protect against the undue influence of big-money donors, who too often drive the debate in Washington to further their goals instead of the public good.

Congressional approval ratings have reached an all-time low as we have lost trust in "paid for" elected officials. Corporations and special interests have taken control of the agenda in Washington by bankrolling politicians through Political Action Committee ("PACs") and lobbyists.  We, as citizens, have lost control of our government. We must do better. 

It's time lawmakers worked for their Constituents instead of Corporate Sponsors!

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