The Election Is Over! What Does Garret Graves Do? He Celebrates By Voting For a Concrete Tax!


Monday night, Garret Graves caved to Washington Lobbyists by voting in favor of H.R. 985 a concrete tax (click here for the vote then click here to view the bill) Excuse me, Congress refers to the extra fee as an "assessment" which rely is a tax!  

Here's the bottom line concerning Garret Graves' vote in favor of H.R. 985, according to Conservative Review (click here for more facts) : "Big Concrete lobbied for a compulsory government “promotion” program that will be funded by levying a tax on concrete products — a tax that will inevitably be passed to the consumer via higher prices."

More importantly, Garret Graves voted in favor of expanding Government.  And that certainly is not a Conservative action.

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