IMAGINE: A Congressman Who Protects Constituents Instead of Insurance Companies!


Hardworking Homeowners struggle to pay rising flood insurance rates while each insurance company participating 2011-2014 in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) averaged $325 Million profit per year with no risk; see some facts: 

When the insurance company is sued concerning flood claims who do you think pays the legal fees? FEMA! Is that fair? Let us know: 


My Home Flooded During Hurricane Isaac.  I've had to deal with NFIP and FEMA!  It's Time for a Congressman who's Actually Walked in Your Shoes.  Let's Fix Flood Insurance NOW!

Below Are Some Suggestions . . . 

1. All government mortgages should require flood insurance (40% of property with government home loans are not insured with flood insurance);

2. Only allow a primary residence to be insured by NFIP;

3. Reduce the 30% fee paid to insurance companies for writing NFIP policies and no fee paid to insurance companies upon renewal.

4. FEMA should recognize seawalls, pumping stations and levees when assigning risk.

5. Replace funds taken from the NFIP fund which were transferred to the U.S. General Treasury Fund.

6. Reduce the official debt of NFIP by Billions because Katrina flooding of Orleans Parish was caused, in part, by the Federal Government agency Army Corps of Engineers. The video below explains facts. . . 

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