Garret Graves' Vote To Prioritize Debt is IRRESPONSIBLE at best!

On October 21, 2015, in a strictly partisan vote, the House GOP passed H.R. 692.  That Bill would guarantee payments to some Treasury bondholders in the case of a default – while leaving the majority of the 80 to 100 million payments we make each month at risk.

*According to Rep. Sander Levin:

What payments might the U.S. Treasury be forced to default on under “Pay China First”?

  • Pay and benefits for 1.4 million active duty troops and 827,000 troops in reserves
  • Benefits to almost 4 million disabled veterans who served their country with honor and now need our help to live
  • Payment for health care for nearly 5.9 million veterans cared for at VA hospitals and health centers
  • Education assistance for nearly 1.1 million veterans
  • Home loan support for nearly 630,000 million veterans
  • Earned payments to American small businesses, who earned more than $91 billion dollars for goods and services rendered last year, and used those dollars to support more than 550,000 jobs
  • Payments to nearly 1 million doctors and other health care practitioners who provided health care to Medicare beneficiaries
  • Payments to schools for nutritious meals – 30.5 million children participated in the school lunch program
  • Payments to almost 50,000 National Institutes of Health grantees, who are conducting life-saving medical research and providing an estimated 300,000 jobs

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