Constituent Guarantee


Guarantee To Louisiana's 6th Congressional District

As the owner of a RE/MAX franchise, our firm has always offered a service guarantee.  As Congressman for the 6th district of Louisiana, I offer my Constituents the following guarantee:

1. I am NOT a politician, therefore; I pledge to only serve 3 terms:
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2.  Politicians always "talk" about transparency.  I'll go a step farther.  My daily schedule will be posted on the front page of my Congressional website so constituents may see which Lobbyists and Special Interests are meeting with their Congressman.

3.  My voting record will be posted on the front page of my Congressional website so constituents may easily keep track of my voting record on their issues.

4.  I do not seek the office of Congressman for "personal perks!"  Therefore, I will not accept Congressional health care insurance.

5.  I pledge not to raise taxes: Click Here To View My Tax Pledge

6.  No pay raise for Congress!  Constituents can't vote themselves a pay raise!  Why should I be allowed to vote myself a pay raise?

7.  So I may best serve the 6th Congressional District, I understand it is important to meet with constituents regularly to hear their priorities and concerns.  During district work weeks, I will hold Town Hall meetings across the district so constituents may speak with me personally.  More importantly, my Town Hall meetings will be held in the evening so those working 9 - 5 may attend. District offices will have regular business hours and by appointment for the convenience of constituents. 

8.  Constituent Services - Most people think of Congress as lawmakers.  Equally important is the help that Congressional offices offer their constituents who have problems with federal departments and agencies.  A Congressional office is essentially the "Customer Service" department for constituents of the district; not Lobbyists.  Caseworkers will be our constituent's liaison with their Federal Government issues.  Our Caseworkers will have experience with agencies they are assigned in order to provide superior service to constituents.

9.  LOBBYISTS will NOT be hired to work in my office! 

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