Graves Votes To Add $24+ Billion To The Federal Deficit!

Today, Garret Graves voted (click here to see vote) to add $24+ Billion (click here to see CBO deficit cost estimate documentation) to the Federal Deficit.  Graves voted with "the status quo in Washington" for yet another attempt to cripple health care access to millions.  The title of the "status quo" bill, Protect Medical Innovation Act, leads one to think that the Medical Devise Tax holds the medical devise industry back from innovation.   The tax has little effect on innovation in the medical device industry. To the contrary, health care reform boosted medical device company profits as more people were allowed access to health care.

The driving force of "the status quo in Washington" and Garret Graves to repeal the Medical Device Tax is to strip the Affordable Care Act of revenue providing health care access to the poor. 

Click here to read more on why the Medical Device Tax should not be repealed!


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