It's Official: Garret Graves Is Fiscally Irresponsible

Today, Garret Graves irresponsibly voted (click here to see the vote) for nearly $700 Billion worth of debt in the form of tax cuts!

 Most of the tax cuts (#TaxExtenders) went to Congressional Corporate Sponsors; not Working Families!


More importantly, Garret Graves is on track to have voted for more than $1 Trillion in debt this year!


It's outrageous that the House GOP fought all year over how to pay for important public investments such as the highway program, yet they have no problem putting hundreds of billions in mostly wasteful corporate tax breaks for their Corporate Sponsors onto our nation’s credit card.

In all fairness, regular people got some tax relief.  However, Corporations (Congressional Corporate Sponsors) received the bulk of tax cuts at your expense.  As a whole, the tax package Garret Graves voted for today is mainly lobbyist-wrapped Christmas presents for our nation’s Biggest Corporations.


The package of tax breaks Garret Graves voted for will add over $6,000 per household to the national debt. "How do we explain to our children that we borrowed more than $1 trillion..."




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