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Regardless of your education, wages are in decline as U.S. corporate profits skyrocket and U.S. corporate tax burden declines while your tax burden goes up!

As the owner of a small business, I understand my highest priority in Congress must be getting our economy back on track and creating an environment for small businesses to create good-paying jobs to put still struggling Americans back to work. Congress can help small businesses succeed by getting out of the way, cutting red tape along with excessive regulation, encouraging banks to lend again, and providing tax relief for small businesses which has only been offered to overseas tax dodging American corporations. 

We can immediately create quality jobs by investing in our crumbling bridges and roads.  I will sponsor legislation to help small businesses compete because small businesses like the one I own created most of the good paying American jobs before BIG BANKS wrecked our economy. 

It's working class families who have been hurt most from policies created by Congress! 

Since 1999, Median Family Income Decreased More Than $4,000.00

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