John Boehner: Congress ‘Ought To Be Judged On How Many Laws We Repeal’

John Boehner recently stated that Congress should be "judged on how many laws we repeal".  Interesting. The Speaker of the House is not interested in creating more laws because we have enough.  Student loan interest rates recently doubled, but repealing laws is more important.  We have illegals coming into the country by the millions stealing jobs, but Congress needs to repeal laws NOT fix the boarder.  Congress won't take the time to fix ObamaCare by presenting an alternative plan; they'd rather repeal it.   And we still have no budget!


The current 113th Congress is on pace to become the least productive Congress in history, having passed just 15 bills that President Obama signed into law as of July.

The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than three dozen times and Boehner pledged many more repeal votes, even though Congress has failed to pass a substantive jobs bill, or make fixes to the budget sequester. Sequestration is hammering resources for some of America’s neediest, including schools that serve Native American children and funding for cancer patient clinics.

By Sy Mukherjee

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