The Office of a Member of Congress Is No Place For a Lobbyist To Be Employed!


I'm sure you've heard the talk about banning members of Congress from becoming Lobbyists.  But what you DO NOT hear about are Registered Lobbyists being hired to work in your Congressman's office on a daily basis.

With all the talk to ban members of Congress from becoming Lobbyists nobody is paying attention to the Lobbyists working in your Congressman's office as an employee.  Below is a link detailing two Lobbyists' registration documents.  Click each Lobbyist Registration below to reveal each registered Lobbyist:

Lobbyist Registration   Lobbyist Registration

Each member of Congress has their Official Expenses published at in the lower right portion of the front page. Contained in that document is the Personal Compensation of Expenses aka salaries which shows each employee of a particular Congressman.

Click the link below to reveal a printout of each quarter a name from either Lobbying Registration appears. 3rd Quarter for 2016 was not available yet.

Click Here for portions of the Personnel Compensation Printout of Garret Graves. Do you see anyone who may have registered as a Lobbyist?



During my first 100 days in office, I will file a Bill requiring that a member of Congress must be out of office 5 continuous years before they may be employed as a Registered Lobbyist.   In addition, a Registered Lobbyist is disqualified from any Congressional employment.

Let us know how you feel about your member of Congress hiring Registered Lobbyists:




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