Being In Favor of "ObamaTrade" Is NOT Conservative!


Garret Graves claims he's Conservative because he thinks nobody pays attention to how he votes, but we're exposing the truth daily before the election. Like our page and get updates when they happen! FACT: Garret Graves will put down Obama when he can to keep his office, but when it comes to pleasing "The Money 
Masters" funding his campaign there is a different story. Garret Graves voted to give Obama "fast track authority" to ship your #JOBS overseas and raise your prescription medication prices.

Basically, Garret Graves voted for ObamaTrade!

See Graves' vote: then read the Bill:
This vote was on the key procedural provision known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). TPA grants a special fast-track status to trade deals negotiated by the president and as such has been dubbed ObamaTrade.


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