Social Security



Every American Senior deserves to feel secure in their retirement!

Lets give members of Congress a dictionary so they will be able to understand the difference between an ENTITLEMENT and a BENEFIT.  Social Security is not a welfare or entitlement program.  People getting Social Security actually paid into the system for benefits.  Therefore, Social Security cannot be talked about as an ENTITLEMENT.  Cuts and changes to Social Security will harm our seniors' way of life.  Social Security is a promise made to seniors long ago which must be kept.  

How We Keep Social Security From Going Broke:

Getting rid of the unjust Social Security payroll cap, which allows wealthy people to make a lower contribution to Social Security, as a percentage of their income, than middle and working class Americans. Currently, any income above $118,500 is Social Security-tax free. Therefore, billionaire bankers and CEOs contribute a far lower percentage of their income for Social Security than their secretaries, maids, gardners and chauffeurs. Is that fair? Making the payroll contributions more fair and equal would raise approximately $135 billion toward a goal of making Social Security less likely to go bankrupt.

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