Student Loans

Coming from a family that could not
afford to pay for college, Richard graduated
from University of New Orleans and
Tulane University financed 100%
from Student Loans.


In 1986, Richard graduated from The University of New Orleans and Tulane University with Student Loan Debt. Sometime before 2000 Richard paid off his Student Loans.  While paying down Student Loans,  Richard was able to buy a car and a home.  More importantly, Richard's interest rate was extremely low making monthly payments more manageable while creating Disposable Income for a car note and mortgage.

Today, interest rates for Student Loans are outrageous: 6, 7, 8, and 9+%.  Why won't Congress lower Student Loan interest?




The U.S. Government Makes Billions Off the Backs of Students!  Student Loan Interest Rates Could Be Cut to 2.4% and the U.S. Government Would Still Make a Profit to Pay for Defaults.  Instead of Corporations Paying Their Fair Share in Federal Income Tax, the U.S. Government Uses Student Loan Interest To Prop Up the Federal Budget.

While the U.S. Government Earns Billions Off Students Banks Pay Less Than 1%!

Outrageous Student Loan Interest Rates Are Damaging the Economy By Restraining First-Time Buyers From Buying a Home.


Statistics Clearly Show the Rise of Student Loan Interest Has Created a Decrease in First-Time Home Buyers.  Lowering Student Loan Rates To 2.4% Will Stimulate the Economy by Creating Disposable Income and Still Cover Losses for Defaulted Loans.


Isn't It Time Congress Stop Propping Up the Budget on the Backs of Our Kids Through Outrageous Student Loan Interest Rates?


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